Get a Gown

Looking for a prom gown? Come to Abby’s Closet Giveaway and shop the largest selection of prom gowns in the state. We can’t wait to make your prom dreams come true!

Donate Dreams

Abby’s Closet is driven by people who are willing to support the organization’s cause. Abby’s Closet accepts cash donations, gowns, and accessories, or just your time.


By involving girls and women across the generations, we are creating a true circle of help for these deserving young women. Check our volunteer page for volunteer opportunities that are fun and rewarding.

  • Abby’s Closet is the best! I found the most beautiful dress and I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this! Thank You!
    - Addie
  • I found my senior prom dress! Thank you, Abby’s Closet for giving me the opportunity to feel beautiful at my prom!
    - Amanda
  • Thank you so much for this event! I don’t know how I would have been able to go to prom without you! I’ll be back to volunteer! Thanks!
    - Ashley
  • Thank you so much! I found the dress of my dreams!
    - Bri, Giveaway Participant
  • This experience was so amazing. This entire event was so beautiful and made me so many people happy! Thank you!
    - Desy
  • I found the BEST dress! You guys ROCK!
    - Harlee, Giveaway Participant
  • Thank you so much. I love Abby’s Closet! It’s the best!
    - Jana, Giveaway Participant
  • Thank you so much! It means a lot to be able to have a beautiful dress!
    - Jennifer, Giveaway Participant
  • Without Abby’s Closet I would not have a wonderful senior prom with a gorgeous dress because there is no way I could have ever afforded a good one. Thank you!
    - Jini
  • This was a dream come true- so many beautiful gowns to choose from. Thank you so much!
    - Marcela
  • You guys were amazing. I felt so comfortable and you made my decision easy when picking my prom dress!
    - Participant at Giveaway
  • I am forever indebted to your hard work, love, passion, etc. for making my prom experience unforgettably magical. I will remember your efforts and hope to become like you all one day.
    - Peace and love
  • I am not the typical girly sort, and last prom and my junior year were real bummers, but you have helped to make my senior year wind down perfectly. Thank you so much.
    - Shannon
  • This place was so much more than I had expected. In addition to the dress, I got an accessary to go with it! All the volunteers were such a great help in choosing my dress. Thank you all so much!
    - Sydney, Giveaway Participant
  • Thank you so much for doing all this. It was more than expected and helped our family out financially. We loved the whole experience and you made it great!
    - Thanks again, from a mom!
  • Thank you for making my prom possible. It means the world to me. Thank you also for the advice on my date!
    - Tyler